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Fexco Aviation Services is an industry leader in the provision of Managing Agent Services to the industry leaders in Aviation Finance. With over 60 years of leasing industry experience, we provide best-in-class Managing Agent services to the aviation finance industry.

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Leading the Way in Aviation Financial and Regulatory Services

Managing and simplifying complex financial transactions for our clients in aviation leasing

Connecting our clients to an extensive network of expertise within the sector

Ensuring our clients spend more time on asset acquisition, technical, marketing and planning functions

Providing our clients with cost-effective solutions, enabling them to establish their business in the Irish market with a trusted Irish service provider

Understanding our Clients

We focus on helping our clients in whatever structure suits the client. Aviation is more complex than just having one structure, with our clients utilising a variety of complex structures to fulfil their financing and acquisition needs, with ABS being a convenient financing or sale add on.

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If you require an outsource provider, and/or connecter in Ireland to establish an aviation presence in the jurisdiction, we can help you.

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